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International Journal of Economic Development Research and Investment


ISSN: 2141-6729



Human Resources Management Demands and Challenges in Small and Medium Scale Enterprises
Ojokuku, R. M.

The Market Price Method and Economic Valuation of Biodiversity in Bauchi State, Nigeria                                    
Adeyemi, A.
Dukku, S. J.
Gambo, M. J.
Kalu, J. U.

Effects of Merger and Acquisition on the Technological Performance of Nigerian Business Organizations
Owomoyela, S.  K.

The Economic Implication of Cylas Spp. and Rot Organisms Infestations on the Marketability of Sweet Potato (Ipomoea batatas  L.) in Three Markets in  Maiduguri Metropolis, Borno State, Nigeria
Sharah, H. A.
Sodangi, B. I.
Abdurrahaman, M.

Land Use Patterns and Economic Development of Ikeja in Lagos State, Nigeria: The Geographic Information System Approach
Akpomrere, O. R.
Nyorere, O.

The Security Implication of Sea Piracy and Maritime Insecurity in Contemporary Africa Economy
Martin Uadiale

Budgeting Processes and the Performance of Food and Beverages Manufacturing Companies in Nigeria
Osundina, K. C.
Osundina, J. A.

Effects of Lease Options as a Source of Finance on the Profitability Performance of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME'S) in Lagos State, Nigeria
Akinbola, O. A.
Otokiti, B. O.

Africa’s Underdevelopment: An Issue of External Influence
Iwok, U. M.