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International Journal of Economic Development Research and Investment

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Aims and Scope

The International Journal of Economic Development Research and Investment (IJEDRI) is a global academic and professional journal of high quality committed to the publication of original research papers on Economy, Development and Investment. It places emphasis on the exchange of advanced idea and information on all areas of trade, industry, Finance, Market, Currency, Resources, countries wealth and their broad range of research, application and practice. The articles in this journal are written in scholarly acceptable English and uniquely focused on the problems confronting the emerging global society. The findings are described in terms intelligible to professional and non-professional as well as expert and non-expert readers. The papers in this journal are innovative. They have pooled and integrated required information from personal experiences, researches, professionals’ publications, academic sources; contribute meaningfully to the development and advancement of knowledge of the people of the third world nations as well as the developed nations.

The journal invites articles and book reviews from academics, researchers and practitioners from developing and developed nations. Manuscripts are accepted for publication after a double-blinded refereed peer review. They should be sent electronically to icidresearch@gmail.com or review@icidr.org.

The views, facts and opinions expressed in this Journal are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect that of the publishers, editors, agents and International Centre for Integrated Development Research.

The Journal is copyrighted. Any material in the Journal may be freely quoted with due acknowledgement. Permission to reproduce articles from the Journal is not required for commercial purposes. The Journal is also available in website: http://www.icidr.org/ijedri.php.

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